Does Transformation Concern You?

Transformation has become a very important topic in South Africa and has driven several pertinent discussions and conversations in different spaces and at different levels. For foreigners in South Africa we could sometimes get caught between joining in these conversations or thinking it doesn’t really apply to us (unless of course you come from a country where racial divides are very apparent).

If you find yourself sitting on the side of the latter most of the times, then the next  Engage Wednesdays session  is highly recommended for youAlso, as an African, if you look closely around you, you will find that our nations and continent at large is begging for transformation on all sides. Whether you are affected from a racial, governance, dominance or violence point, we are all really in this transformation call/cause together. So we enjoin you to come (Regardless of your country); on the 18th May, 2016  to the  IS Seminar room  from  1-2pm  and let us discuss where we can begin with Transformation in Africa. If for nothing else, for the primal reason that you will love for the future generation to go into any space and thrive and not be constrained by some of the factors we all currently face one way or the other.

Dr Ingrid Tufvesson  will be the speaker of the day. She is very vast in knowledge and research on transformation across many borders and levels.

For catering/logistics purposes, please RSVP HERE

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