Official Launch of Engage Wednesdays

The official launch of Engage Wednesdays was held 16th March, 2016, at the IS seminar Room, Information Systems Department, UCT. This initiative has been birthed to create a community of IS scholars that are conscious, aware of and engage in stimulating conversations about Africa and African related issues; all with the goal of effecting change and making impact.

The launch was attended by 32 people and a South African meal was served for lunch. The session began with a welcome address by the moderator and facilitator, Deborah O. Ajumobi. Following the welcome address was a brief introduction and description by Dr. Selina Mudavanhu about the video. The video was about decolonising the university and we listened particularly to the speaker, Prof. Zine Magubane.

After watching the video, the moderator opened the floor to conversations on the following topic: “What does it mean to be an African University?” The audience responded with different views and answers. The question: “How feasible is it to have an African-centered curriculum? was also discussed. More on the discussion on these questions/topics can be found here.

The session concluded after about 45 minutes of discussion among the various attendees. A video that highlights parts of the session can be found here. Please note that the video was shot by a non-professional and has been compiled solely for the purpose of providing highlights of the session.

Engage Wednesdays will like to thank the following people for working on making the launch a success: Sikhulile Lynette Ndlovu, Samwel Mwapwele, Marvellous Mubenesha, HOD of Information systems department – Kevin Johnston, the entire administrative staff of the department of Information Systems and all those who attended the session.

Please feel free to comment on these topics or the session in the comment section below. Should you have inquiries, suggestions or recommendations, please contact us on

Also look out for more posts on this blog and we look forward to having you at our next session. Details about this will be communicated soon so watch this space 🙂


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